10th Annual Green Meeting:
Creative "Green" Spaces

    Join us for our 10th Annual Green Meeting, on Tuesday, April 21, at 7:30 pm, at the Chevy Chase Community Center, 5601 Connecticut Avenue, NW. All are welcome to attend. Light refreshments will be served.

    This year's meeting will feature two interesting local projects that enhance Washington, DC's reputation as a sustainable, vibrant place to live.

    First, we will show a 30-minute documentary film that demonstrates how Washingtonians transformed their unattractive rooftops into beautiful, environmentally-friendly, elevated greens ranging from small residential gardens to commercial and government buildings. The film, directed by Sandy Cannon Brown and produced by Peter Ensign, Director of DC Greenworks, recently premiered at the DC Environmental Film Fesitival.

    Second, Scott Kratz, Director of the new 11th Street Bridge Park Project, will provide a presentation about the design concepts and overall vision of the project that converts the old 11th Street bridge into an elevated urban park above the Anacostia River similar to New York's High Line built on an abandoned rail line. The 11th Street Bridge Park Project will be as long as three football fields connecting the Anacostia and Fairlawn communities to Capitol Hill and the Navy Yard, creating a safe place for residents engage in physical exercise surrounded by nature.
    For more information about the program, contact bbaldwing@yahoo.com.

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