Constitution of the Chevy Chase Citizens Association

(A Corporation in the District of Columbia  |  Adopted March 21, 1955 with Amendments to December 12, 2013)



Section 101

The name of this organization is the Chevy Chase Citizens Association.




Section 201

The purpose of the Association is to promote the civic, educational, and social welfare, as well as public safety, and to protect property interest, within the District of Columbia and especially within the area described in Article III.



Section 301

The boundaries of the area immediately served by the Association are as follows:

(a) East Boundary: Rock Creek Park

(b) North Boundary: Western Avenue

(c) West and South Boundaries: Beginning at the intersection of Wisconsin and Western Avenues, southeast on Wisconsin Avenue, east on Jenifer Street, south on 41st Street, east on Harrison Street, south on 39th Street, east on Fessenden Street, south on Howard Street, south on 38th Street, east on Albemarle Street, north on Connecticut Avenue, east on Ellicott Street, east on a line to Rock Creek Park.




Section 401

The membership of the Association consists of persons eligible under Section 402 who remain in good

standing by payment of the membership fee provided in Section 403.


Section 402

To be eligible for membership, a person must:

(a) be an individual, or a business acting through a representative, who is at least 18 years of age;

(b) subscribe to the purpose of the Association in Section 201;

(c) reside, work, own property, do business from a fixed location, or have other interest in the area

described in Article III, or in the vicinity of that area; and

(d) tender the membership fee provided in Section 403.

Section 403

The fee for membership in such amount as may, from time to time, be fixed by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at a regularly constituted meeting of the Association, after notice and after report thereon by the Executive Committee, is payable annually. For individual memberships, the membership fee covers up to two adults per household at the same address. If there are two members in a household, they will jointly receive only one copy of any notice or other mailing. For business memberships, the membership fee may be variable depending on the incidents of such memberships. No further fees or assessments may be required. The membership fee is payable annually. A person who is in arrears more than twelve months, and who has been so notified, is not in good standing and may be stricken from the roll of members. Upon payment of the annual fee for the current fiscal year, a person who has been dropped from the rolls for nonpayment may be reinstated if the person remains eligible under Section 402.

Section 404

(a) In addition to removal from membership for nonpayment of the annual fee provided in Section 403, a member may be expelled for conduct that is contrary to the purpose of the Association.

(b) To expel a member for such conduct, the charges against the member must be made in writing to the Executive Committee and to the member. The member must be given an opportunity to respond to the charges. The Executive Committee must find by a three-fourths vote that expulsion of the member is in the best interests of the Association.

(c) A member may appeal the decision of the Executive Committee to the membership. A two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at a regular meeting after due notice in the announcement of the meeting is required to confirm expulsion of the member. .




Section 501

(a) The elected officers of the Association consist of a President, a First Vice-President, a Second Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. Officers are elected from the membership of the Association at its annual meeting. The term of office is one year, except that an officer may serve until his successor takes office. Officers take office upon election.

(b) A vacancy may be filled for the unexpired term by election at any regular meeting, or at any special meeting

of the Association of which sufficient notice is given under Section 803. In the case of a vacancy in the office of First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary, or Treasurer, the President may appoint a person to act in that capacity until the next such meeting.

(c) With respect to the office of President, First Vice-President, or Second Vice-President, a person may not be elected to more than four consecutive terms in that office.

(d) No person may be elected to an office under Subsection (a) unless the person has been a member of the Association in good standing for at least six months.

Section 502

 (a) The President shall preside over the meetings of the Association and shall perform all of the duties usually pertaining to such office. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, and, with the approval of the Executive Committee, shall appoint a liaison representative to the Chevy Chase Community Center and may appoint liaison representatives, special officers, and/or delegates to other organizations or citizens groups of interest to the Association.

(b) If the President is absent or unable to act, the duties shall be performed by the person highest on the following list who is present and able to act:

(1) First Vice-President

(2) Second Vice-President

(3) Secretary

(4) Treasurer

Section 503

The First Vice-President shall coordinate the activities of the administrative committees listed in Section 701(a) and assist the President in fulfilling the purpose of the Association.

Section 504

The Second Vice-President shall assist the President and First Vice-President in special projects that may arise.

Section 505

The Secretary shall

(a) keep a record of the meetings of the Association and of the Executive Committee;

(b) give appropriate notice for such meetings;

(c) keep the official text of this Constitution and make available a copy at each meeting of the Association and at each meeting of the Executive Committee;

(d) maintain the official storage of the Association’s correspondence;

(e) perform the other normal duties of a secretary; and

(f) perform such other duties as the Executive Committee may prescribe. The records of the Association may, as appropriate, be maintained electronically.

Section 506

(a) The Treasurer shall have supervision and control of all financial affairs and funds of the Association.

The treasurer shall

(1) prepare the annual budget and submit it to the Executive Committee for approval;

(2) collect all funds and deposit them in a bank approved by the Executive Committee;

(3) manage the disbursement of all funds;

(4) keep a record of all financial transactions;

(5) prepare an annual financial report;

(6) provide a monthly update on budget expenditures and income for the Executive Committee; and

(7) perform the other normal duties of a treasurer; and

(8) perform such other duties as the Executive Committee may prescribe. The Treasurer shall be bonded in an amount fixed by the Committee.

(b) Money of the Association may be disbursed only by check and in accordance with the annual budget approved by the Executive Committee. Any proposed deviation from the approved budget must be authorized in advance by the Executive Committee. Two signatures are required for each check. Each check must have the signature of either the Treasurer or the President. In addition to the Treasurer and President, the First Vice-President and Second Vice-President have the authority to co-sign checks.

(c) Any approved expenditure incurred by an individual on behalf of the Association shall be reimbursed conditioned on the individual providing a corresponding receipt.

Section 507

The President may appoint an Assistant Secretary and an Assistant Treasurer to serve at the pleasure of the President.



Executive Committee

Section 601

The Executive Committee consists of:

(a) the elected officers of the Association;

(b) the chairpersons of the standing committees;

(c) the past presidents who remain members of the Association and are available and willing to serve; and

(d) the liaison representatives to the Chevy Chase Community Center and to citizen groups of interest to the Association.

Section 602

The Executive Committee, subject to the resolutions adopted at membership meetings, shall conduct the affairs of the Association consistently with the purpose named in Article II. The Executive Committee shall keep the Association appropriately informed on all matters that concern the Association. 

Section 603

Executive Committee members shall act in good faith and in a manner the Executive Committee member believes to be in the best interests of the Association. Executive Committee members shall not be liable to the Association or its members for monetary damages for any act or failure to act, except liability for:

(a) the amount of a financial benefit received by the Executive Committee member and to which the Executive Committee member is not entitled;

(b) an intentional infliction of harm;

(c) an unlawful distribution of the Association’s assets; or

(d) an intentional violation of criminal law.

Section 604

The Association shall indemnify an Executive Committee member or officer to the extent he or she is successful in the defense of any proceeding to which he or she was a party because of his or her position with the Association against reasonable expenses incurred by him or her in connection with the proceeding. .




Section 701

(a) The standing administrative committees of the Association are:




Programs and Entertainment

(b) The standing committees on public activities are:



Fine Arts

Housing/Real Estate

Public Safety


(c) The President may establish special committees to fulfill the purpose of the Association.


Section 702

The President shall appoint the chairperson of all committees except the Nominating Committee, which has the members given in section 703. The chairpersons of the other committees shall select the other members, if any, with the concurrence of the President.

Section 703

The Nominating Committee consists of the two most recent past presidents of the Association who are available and willing to serve, and one member elected at large from the membership of the Association at the most recent annual meeting. The chairperson is the most recent of those past presidents.

Section 704

The Membership Committee shall keep a register of the members of the Association including those in good standing and those delinquent in payment of the annual fee.



Meetings of the Association

Section 801

Regular meetings of the Association shall be held in each month except June, July, and August. The Executive Committee shall select the date, time, and place of the meeting. The Executive Committee may vote to dispense with any meeting except that it may not vote to dispense with the regular meeting in May or with two successive regular meetings.

Section 802

The annual meeting of the Association is the regular meeting held in the month of May.

Section 803

A special meeting of the Association shall be held whenever the President determines that the interests of the Association so require. The President shall also call a special meeting if fifteen members of the Association request one in writing. Written notice of the time and place, and of the business to be transacted, shall be sent by either regular or electronic mail to each member at least one week before the meeting. No other business may be transacted at the meeting.

Section 804

Twenty-five members are a quorum of the Association, with members participating in person.

Section 805

Robert's Rules of Order apply at meetings of the Association.


Section 806

No person may participate in the annual meeting of the Association or in an election to fill a vacancy in the officers of the Association if the person has not been a member of the Association in good standing since the last preceding regular meeting.


Section 807

All proposals made at meetings of the Association for appropriations or contributions not previously considered by the Executive Committee are automatically referred to the Committee for its consideration and recommendation.


Section 808

The amount of an appropriation or contribution recommended by the Executive Committee may not be increased by the Association unless the increase is approved by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting.  



Meetings of the Executive Committee

Section 901

Regular meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held at times determined by the Committee, except that there shall be at least one regular meeting of the Executive Committee between each two successive regular meetings of the Association. Such regular Executive Committee meetings may be held in person, electronically or by telephone.

Section 902

A special meeting of the Executive Committee shall be held whenever the President determines that the interests of the Association so require. The President shall also call a special meeting of the Committee if three members of the Committee request one in writing. Written notice of the time and place, and of the business to be transacted, shall be given to each member of the Committee at least three days (exclusive of Sundays and holidays) before the meeting. No other business may be transacted at the meeting. Such special Executive Committee meetings may be held in person, electronically, or by telephone.

Section 903

Five members are a quorum of the Executive Committee, with members participating in person, electronically, or by telephone.


Section 904

Between meetings of the Executive Committee, the President may request that members vote electronically to approve a proposed resolution. In such instances, for the resolution to be approved, a majority of Committee members must vote in favor of the resolution.




Section 1001

This Constitution may be amended if:

(a)  written notice of the nature of the amendment is sent by either regular or electronic mail to each member of the Association at least five, and not more than thirty, days before the meeting at which the amendment is voted on;

(b) the amendment is proposed in writing at a regular meeting of the Association; and

(c) the amendment is adopted by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at the regular meeting next following the meeting at which it is proposed, or at a later meeting to which action on the amendment is postponed by vote of the Association.

Section 1002

The Secretary of the Association shall supply a copy of a proposed amendment to the Constitution to any member who requests it.


Certificate of Incorporation of the Chevy Chase Citizens Association

Filed Oct. 10 2:35 PM 1951  Book 0077 Page 206 No. 35330

We, the undersigned, all of who are of full age, are citizens of the United States and a majority of whom are residents and citizens of the District of Columbia, hereby associate ourselves together as a nonprofit corporation under and by virtue of Title 29, Chapter 6, of the Code of Laws for the District of Columbia.


I. The name by which this corporation shall be known is: "CHEVY CHASE CITIZENS ASSOCIATION."

II. The term for which it is organized is PERPETUAL.

III. The particular objects and purposes of this corporation shall be:

a. To advance, foster, and obtain the expression of the general public sentiment upon all matters of public interest to all citizens of the District of Columbia, and particularly those matters affecting that territory bounded by Rock Creek Park on the east, on the north by Western Avenue, on west and south sides by line following center of Wisconsin Avenue, north side of Jenifer Street, west side of 41st Street, south side of Harrison Street, west side of 39th Street, south side of Fessenden Street, east side of 38th Street, south side of Albemarle Street, center of Connecticut Avenue, and south side of Ellicott Street to its intersection with Broad Branch Road at Rock Creek Park, and to secure and make effective the actions of the citizens and residents of said territory.

b. To do all things necessary, convenient, or incidental to effectuate the aforesaid objects and purposes, to have and maintain an office and to hold and convey such real and personal property wherever located as may be necessary for the corporate purpose and to the extent permitted by law.

IV. The affairs of the corporate shall be managed by officers to be selected in accordance with the terms of the Constitution and by-laws, in addition to the following trustee, all residents of the District of Columbia who are at present the officers and Executive Committee members of an organization founded May 4, 1909, and doing business in the District of Columbia under the name of "The Citizen's  Association, D.C." and who shall serve for the first year of the corporation's existence. The number of trustees to serve for the first year shall be 21.

V. The corporation reserves the right to amend, alter, change, or repeal any provision contained in this Certificate of Incorporation, in the manner now, or as hereafter may be, prescribed by Statute.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have signed this CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION on the 9th day of October A.D. 1951.

s/ John D. Fitzgerald

s/ D.N. Merryfield

s/ F. Reed Dickerson

s/ John A. Patterson, Jr.

s/ Henry M. Fowler

s/ William K. Norwood

s/ Edward T. Stafford

s/ Norman B. Sheppard

s/ J. Henry Oehmann

s/ F. McKey Smith

s/ R. O. Kluge

s/ Dean P. Kimball

s/ Sayare Shafer

s/ Charles G. Lueck

s/ Solomon Feldman

s/ Spencer Zimmerman

s/ A. Lee Painter, Jr.

s/ Walter M. Bauman

s/ Everett Cross

s/ S.F. Higger

s/ Henry C. Hallam



1. R.L. Miller, a Notary Public, in and for the District of Columbia, do hereby certify that parties to the annexed and foregoing CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION, bearing date of October 9, 1951, personally appeared before me, in said District, the said individuals being personally well known to me as the persons who executed the said CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION, and acknowledged the same to be their act and deed.

GIVEN under my hand and seal this 9th day of October A.D. 1951

s/ R.L. Miller

Notary Public, D.C.



Presidents of Chevy Chase Citizens Association

1909 P. L. Ricker

191_ George B. Sudworth

191_ John B. Williams

191_ W.M. Steuart

1913 Edward F. Colladay

1916 L. A. Rogers

1917 D.F. Hewett

1918 W.S. Elliot

1919 Clyde D. Garrett

1920 Fred S. Lincoln

1923 Harry S. Ridgely

1924 Atwood M. Fisher

1925 J. Francis Moore

1928 Major John R. Wheeler

1929 Arthur Adelman

1931 Herman V. Schreiber

1933 George E. Strong

1935 Edwin S. Hege

1938 Winthrop G. Batcheler*

1938 Donald M. Carpenter

1940 Godfrey L. Munter

1942 Herman V. Schreiber

1943 Archibald M. McLachlen

1944 J. Barrett Carter

1945 Henry M. Fowler

1947 Charles G. Lueck

1948 Dean P. Kimball

1951 John D. Fitzgerald

1952 Donald M. Merryfield

1953 William K. Norwood

1955 F. Reed Dickerson

1956 A. Lee Painter

1957 Lee F. Dante

1959 James A. Willey

1961 Victor C. Swearingen

1962 James G. Ellis

1964 John A. Patterson, Jr.

1965 Thomas D. Quinn

1966 Byron Welch

1967 William F. McIntosh

1968 Joseph O'Neill

1970 Charles N. Mason

1972 John F. Healy

1974 Robert D. Stiehler

1976 James H. Molloy,Jr.

1978 Donald W. Kief

1979 George J. Haley

1981 Karl F. Mautner

1983 Gary P. Jani

1985 Allen E. Beach

1987 Mark S. Whitty

1989 Jeffrey B. Norman

1991 Ursula McManus

1992 Doris Ingram

1994 Evelyn M. Wrin

1996 Walter Beach

1998 Susan G. Carr

2000 Bob Wrin

2002 Steven Zipp

2004 Sarah Pokempner

2006 Edward Hayes

2008 Julia Ulstrup

2010 Jonathan Lawlor

2014 Samantha Nolan

2016 Deean Rubin

2018 Kate Barnes-Domotor


* Died in office