Chevy Chase Citizens Association On Racism

We are an association of neighbors living and working in Chevy Chase DC. Our mission is to foster community and improve the quality of life in both our neighborhood and our city. We encourage civil discourse, serve as a community resource, promote public safety, care for our environment, and support local arts, business, and culture.

​To this end, we sponsor informative programs, publish a regular newsletter, maintain a resourceful web site, host social events, recognize community achievement, advocate sound policies, grant financial support, and undertake community projects.

We believe that the importance and dignity of each individual is paramount to the community’s life. The ability for anyone to achieve their full potential and make their greatest contribution to their families and communities is a function of that person’s access to the tools for doing so: health, safety, education, economic security, and positive engagement with others. For anyone to be denied access to those tools based on race is a grievous wrong to the individual and harms the community.

During these troubled and troubling times, CCCA recommits our leadership and resources to work that is antiracist, equity-driven, accessible and meaningful in the pursuit of our mission and vision. We pledge ourselves to listening to and learning from the voices of all people experiencing racism. We renew our commitment to support equity and diversity in housing in our community.

The full potential of Chevy Chase can’t be achieved until racism is eliminated from our hearts, our homes, our work, and our community. We will continue to offer programs that will educate, inspire and enrich the lives of all of us as it illuminates issues surrounding injustice, discrimination and disproportionality. We stand with all black, brown and marginalized people of Chevy Chase, our city and country, in solidarity and with hope for a better future.

--This statement was adopted by the executive board of the Chevy Chase Citizens Association in June 2020.

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